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Sports Innovation Week @ WeWork

February 26-March 2, 2018 | Boston, MA

We’ve moved into our new offices as part of our partnership with WeWork and are seizing that opportunity to launch the First Annual Sports Innovation Week in Boston.

There will be daily panels, networking events, happy hours, a Boston Bruins pre-game party, esports viewing parties, and so much more sports technology content throughout the week.

Please register for each event to hear from leaders in the industry and see our new Sports Innovation Lab space!

Data in the Squared Circle: Tech in the WWE

WWE as an organization has been innovating in the sports technology space for a very long time. From looking at performance analytics, to event infrastructure innovations, to building their own OTT platform to reach fans, the WWE is pushing on the boundaries of sports-tech innovation. It’s about time the other leagues take notice.

Hackers at the Gate: Stadium Security in the Age of IoT

As more facets of the fan experience become networked—be it lighting, gates, concessions or parking—new weaknesses emerge for hackers, exploits, and security threats. This panel will look at what are the cutting edge solutions to the most pressing threats to stadia in the age of IoT.

Bruins Pre-Game Party

The Bruins face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes across the street, so we figured it would be great to get folks together for a little pre-game soiree over at our place. We’ve got the food and the drinks, you bring yourself, and be ready to connect with other sports tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders from our extended Sports Innovation Lab network.

Does Anyone Really Want VR for Sports Anyway?

VR technology is getting better and better, but do sports fans really want it? How big can VR get as a medium for sports consumption? Are we fooling ourselves thinking that sports fans will replace their TV with a headset in the next 5-10 years?

Your Fans Don't Live Here Anymore

Streaming technology, global commerce, and networked social activity are changing how people become fans of the players and teams they love. Living near a team is no longer an essential part of fan identity. So what is the future of local fandom, and how do we move on?

Games-Changers: Technology and the Olympics

The Olympics have historically been a fertile test-bed for innovative technology, and the partnerships being built around the games are revolutionizing the model for sponsorship in sports. Angela Ruggiero, fresh from her month-long sojourn to PyeongChang for the Winter Games, reports on what technology she saw, and how it is shaping the games.

Esports Beyond the Hype

Presented by Octagon

Are esports really that big? Video games are a large market, for sure, but where and how are esports gonna grow? Or can esports survive as a niche sports market without going huge like other major sports?

About the Sports Innovation Lab

We are a technology-driven services company focusing on the convergence of sports and technology.

Our lab bridges the gap between the worlds of sports and technology, and our team is built to facilitate meaningful conversations and to make the essential connections that drive innovation.

At the heart of everything we do is our research engine. We’ve engineered an intelligent, machine-learning system that processes massive quantities of data on sports technology to deliver actionable insights.


Our Members



Explorers are trying to make sense of the sports tech landscape. They want to understand trends. They want to be able to make sense of vendor pitches, and stop drowning in information. They want to be proactive in outreach to partners. They want to figure out when to begin investing and where.

Our platform gives Explorers the sports technology market data that empowers them, by organizing and making sense of a complicated sports-tech ecology.



Evangelists are already aware of the huge opportunities in sports-tech for them and their company. They're knowledgable about the sector, but need some data to support their case. They're trying to convince their company about who to hire, where to invest, and how to partner in this space. They need sizing models and credible proof points that go well beyond what they can get in journals.

Our platform gives Evangelists the tools to develop insightful, scientific arguments about sports technology.



Accelerators have already bought-in to the sports technology sector. These leaders are all in. They've acquired companies, they've launched products, they've scaled their teams. They can't hire fast enough or learn fast enough. Every news article hits their bosses desk and they need to have an opinion. They need an extension of their team to maintain momentum.

Our platform gives Accelerators the actionable network and market data, that propels their business.

Join the Lab

In partnership with WeWork, we’ve created a co-working space in Boston where our global members work together to define the future of sports.

Membership provides access to exclusive programming: weekly lunch-and-learns, athlete and advisor talks, and tech demo days.

Space is limited. We're looking for emerging and established brands to join us in Boston. We open on February 1, 2018.

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CES Sports Zone

We partnered with CES to produce conference programmng and thought leadership at the CES Sports Zone in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2018 at the Sands Convention Center. Presented on the Turner Stage in the heart of the CES Sports Zone, the Sports Technology Innovation summit included panels and presentations from global leaders in the sports and technology industries.

In addition to the conference, we built the MVP Lounge, a space for explorers, evangelists, and accelerators to network, and connect at CES.

We real-time streamed over a dozen conference sessions from CES 2018. See the schedule to watch replays.

MVP Lounge Sponsors


Our Leadership

Olympic Gold Medalist and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame with leadership positions at the highest levels of sport, including the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, Angela guides the strategies of major sports organizations.

Angela Ruggiero

CEO and Co-Founder

Former VP of Research at Forrester Research and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at General Catalyst, Josh has successfully launched and grown several venture-backed software and data businesses.

Joshua Walker

President and Co-Founder

Meet Our Advisors

Our Members

We are proud to work with our founding corporate members, with our academic associates, and with all our partners.

These groups see a future where technology drives the future of sport.

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