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Who uses our platform?



Explorers are trying to make sense of the sports tech landscape. They want to understand trends. They want to be able to make sense of vendor pitches, and stop drowning in information. They want to be proactive in outreach to partners. They want to figure out when to begin investing and where.

Our platform gives Explorers the sports technology market data that empowers them, by organizing and making sense of a complicated sports-tech ecology.



Evangelists are already aware of the huge opportunities in sports-tech for them and their company. They're knowledgable about the sector, but need some data to support their case. They're trying to convince their company about who to hire, where to invest, and how to partner in this space. They need sizing models and credible proof points that go well beyond what they can get in journals.

Our platform gives Evangelists the tools to develop insightful, scientific arguments about sports technology.



Accelerators have already bought-in to the sports technology sector. These leaders are all in. They've acquired companies, they've launched products, they've scaled their teams. They can't hire fast enough or learn fast enough. Every news article hits their bosses desk and they need to have an opinion. They need an extension of their team to maintain momentum.

Our platform gives Accelerators the actionable network and market data, that propels their business.


Massive sports tech data sets, just a click away

Keeping track of the entirety of the sports technology market takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we’ve got our analysts (and robots) working on this research all-day, everyday. We’re doing the work, so that your team doesn’t have to.

Bar chart

Interactive tools that get you data, quicker

It’s one thing to have a lot of data, it’s another altogether to makes sense of it and get the answers you need. At the heart of our software research platform are a suite of interactive data tools that will get you smarter about the sports technology market in a jiff.

Scout outline

Technology evaluations that make sense, with SCOUT

Every company has the most innovative, most cutting-edge technology on the market, or so they say. But how do you know what’s legit? We’re constantly evaluating technology on the market, and we deliver those insights via our easy to read proprietary measurement protocol SCOUT.


Focused, actionable insights that make you feel smarter

Our analysts are experts in their domains, and they are passionate about staying current about trends in sports technology. But we also know that information is only as good as the way it’s presented, that’s why we’ve built an editorial team to help craft the videos, podcasts, infographics and posts that keep you current.

Tech globe

Mapping the entire world of sports technology

Sports technology is a massive global ecology. We recognize that sports are global, and that the innovations, and impacts of new technologies touch millions worldwide. That’s why we take seriously the project of mapping the entire sports tech industry. We’re like the Ptolemy of sports.

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